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Favourable environment for sustainable business models for climate change, environmental laws, and last but not least the purchasing behavior of consumers made it possible: the economy is certainly green in the Western industrialized nations. There, 82 percent of marketing executives want to communicate increasingly environmentally-friendly products and sustainable business. The Internet and the print media are the favorite information channels for green marketing messages. Environmental protection and economy long ago not more hostile each other, but have closely in many areas is “, Collin Scholz stressed pilot from communications consulting: project GmbH, Hannover.” These reasons this development of less in moral, because free-market considerations: well thought through and consistently implemented green business models promise competitive advantages and thus increasing sales. Thus in many companies is increasing interest in smart green marketing strategies “, says Scholz and refers to the common Study of U.S.

economic publications environmental leader and MediBuyerPlanner. In the context of this broad-based consultation, the editors of the marketing managers of large and medium-sized enterprises from the United States and Western Europe wanted to know: green marketing is only a short-lived fad, or it will become the standard instrument of effective marketing? It was found: 33 percent of market experts consider green marketing more effective than the classic marketing approaches, 60 percent for at least equivalent. Only seven per cent of respondents assess green marketing efforts less effectively. The Marketing Manager draw clear consequences: 82 percent want to increase the budget in the area of green marketing. The most important information channel for green messages is the Internet.

75 per cent of respondents rate the Web as top medium for green marketing. On squares two and three rank print media (50 percent) and the direct marketing (40 percent). With clear distance outdoor events (eight percent), followed Radio and TV advertising (seven percent each), and messages via the mobile phone (six percent). The main reason for this increasing greening the economy sees Eva pilot, Member of the Executive Board of pilot: project, in the increasing pressure exerted by environmental laws and consumers on the company. On the subject of environmental and climate protection awareness and opinion of the consumer gained a role on the market, which can no longer ignore the majority of companies. “In this direction are also results a recent survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD) among leaders in the purchasing of manufacturing. As reasons for the establishment of and compliance with environmental standards, 76 percent of respondents indicated legislation, 69 percent refer to changing customer needs. According to the opinion of the Manager, 80 percent keep their customers environmentally friendly and unencumbered products for important and desirable? This shows: last but not least, the value of green marketing lies in its socio-political component “, says publicist Collin Scholz. Who actually focuses on sustainability, who installed in fact environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and who offers indeed environmentally friendly products, which linked to a purely economic interest with a political issue which today encounters positive response in society. “Therefore professional green marketing was undoubtedly a success factor. At the same time Eva pilot warns those responsible of the company before, to benefit, without relating to have substantial successes of sustainability or climate – and environmental protection from this trend: who runs just Green Washing at this sensitive topic, so want to show consumers with false claims behind the light, must reckon with violent consequences, which can end up in a PR meltdown.

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