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FIDURA private equity funds are among the few private equity funds, which allow even normal investors to benefit private equity from the profitable asset class. The FIDURA funds put great value in their investment decisions on a balanced chance / risk ratio and therefore make no early stage investments, but only participate in younger companies that have achieved initial market success and sales. The current FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 Fund is also the only publicly offered private-equity funds in Germany, which has tightly integrated measurable sustainability criteria in its investment policy. To ensure maximum safety for your invested capital investors FIDURA offer private equity fund in collaboration with Anglo-Saxon insurance companies an optional Protected capital. The magazine INVESTMENT Fund awarded the Manager of FIDURA as best private equity manager 2011. About SensorDynamics SensorDynamics is a semi-fabless semiconductor company specializing in innovative sensor solutions for the automotive, industrial, and high-end consumer goods market.

The ISO/TS16949 qualified company develops and supplies fail-safe micro and wireless semiconductor products for key customers in the automotive, automation, and high-end consumer goods industry. SensorDynamics acts as an independent contractor with its own MEMS manufacturing and cooperates with leading technology partners. In addition to the company headquarters in Lebring near Graz SensorDynamics has subsidiaries in Italy and Germany, as well as a global sales network. By selling at maxim can concentrate on its strengths in the development of MEMS and wireless products, SensorDynamics and at the same time the extensive infrastructure of Maxim for the production, distribution and sale. Hubertus Christ, CEO SensorDynamics, explains: the takeover SensorDynamics aligns on a sustainable growth path. The management of SensorDynamics looking forward to an exciting section of the growth story SensorDynamics”. More information on SensorDynamics and the product portfolio can be found on the Web page:. There is a publicly traded company that develops high performance semiconductor products, produces and distributes about Maxim Maxim integrated products headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Maxim was founded 25 years ago with the aim to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal solutions that increase the value of the products of our customers. So far, the company has developed over 6,500 products for the industrial, communications, consumer and computer markets.

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