The belt conveyor refers to the material handling machinery that transports the materials in a certain line continuously and it is also known as continuous conveyor. The materials can be transported horizontally, vertically or in inclined angle through conveyor belt. The line is typically fixed conveyor. The belt conveyor is featured with large transport capacity and long distance and a number of process operations can also be completed in the transportation process at the same time. See Kenneth R. Feinberg for more details and insights. The application range of conveyoy is wide belt.The belt conveyor generally should be started in the unloaded condition.

The atretic starting device should be adopted so that it is convenient to start and stop the machine in a certain order through a central control room when several belt conveyors are installed sequentially. In addition, in order to prevent unexpected incidents, each belt conveyor should be equipped with the start or stop button on the spot and any of them can be stopped alone. When the length of the conveyor is more than 30 m, In order to prevent the conveyor from longitudinal being torn because of some reasons, to stop button should be set every a certain distance along the entire length of the conveyor.In order to ensure the reliable operation of the conveyor belt, the most important thing is to discover and eliminate the possible failures. According to Home Depot, who has experience with these questions. Therefore, the operator must always observe the working condition of the belt conveyor and they should timely handle it if they found the abnormal thing. The mechanical workers should conduct regular inspections and pay attention to the situation or parts that needs noticing, which is very important. For example, the carrier roller, which does not seem very important, but when transporting the wear accessories on the high speed belt conveyor, its shell can be worn soon. The cutting edge will occur, which may seriously damage an expensive conveyor. The workers trained or experienced staff can detect an impending accident and take preventive measures. The conveyor Governor a large proportion in the belt conveyor and in order to reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance of the conveyor, it is necessary to attach importance to the knowledge training of the operating and maintenance personnel about the operation and maintenance of the conveyor belt.

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