Governments in Latin America

Governments committed themselves to do so through the attainment of the Millennium development goals, a map of route to ending extreme poverty by the year 2015. Even today, every day, 50,000 people die as a result of extreme poverty, and the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. Almost half of the world’s population lives in poverty, and 70% are women. We have the power to change this situation. Activists of get up and act throughout the world will be pressing their Governments to achieve more and better aid to development, the cancellation of debt, the education of all boys and girls, justice in trade, health services, gender equality and public accountability. 2009: 173.045.325 million people stood up. 90% Of the mobilization in Latin America was Colombian. how to participate?Here are some ideas: organizes the free sharing of seeds or fertilizer donated used books or stationery to a school builds, rebuilds, or supports a community or rural school donates blood invites others to donate Contigo improves sanitation facilities of a hospital, school, community distributes bed nets to combat malaria performs a health fair where are offered free medical checkups organizes a free distribution of condoms participates in a reforestation or plant a tree in a park or garden creates a campaign to protect natural areas in your country mobilizing your community to give maintenance and cleaning public parks and green areas recycle trash Do not use plastic bags for supermarket shares the auto sets a day a week in which do not use the car gives a speech in a public place in support to the MDGs create a petition and collect signatures supporting signed a public statement creates slogans, cartoons and symbols to support the MDGs designed posters and flyers and distribute them in your community publishes your ideas in local newspapers contact radio and television stations Creates a public debate on the ODM organizes a contest of posters or trials organizes a rally or a March in support of the MDGs is involved in actions through internet, blogs, videos online, etc.

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