Do how many times are you said: that goes wrong this country! Well if you said so I tell him that you are also guilty of this situation. Yes, because you are part of this country and with its act daily should help improve it, since this is not only the responsibility of the Government, also is it of all citizens. Examples: you complain of the garbage heap that exist in your community and says: that more bad municipality that does not collect trash as it should be, but if on the other hand there are people who throw rubbish in the corner, where there are already a lot of debris, a day does not pass the garbage truck and there are even neighbors who see this fact but do not call authorities to report it or do nothing more about it. Then who is blame to dirty the city? From the municipality? From the citizens themselves? Of both?. (Similarly see: Senator of Arizona). The answer is the last option since the municipality should monitor that does not dirty the city also should sensitize the population on hygiene, and even about punishment that brings the bounce trash on public roads, but the municipality is very difficult to be controlling all day that don’t throw garbage in that corner and if neighbors do not help little can be done; nor can work miracles and make clear to all importantly avoid such actions because there are people who absolutely does not want to understand.

Then the fault lies with citizens and municipality. The same can happen with cases in which is this cutting down trees near rivers, in that a hotel this polluting the beach, where a factory this by pouring their waste into a nearby gully, etc. These situations should not be an attitude of porta my o’s and I do that I’ll be able to do? That deal with that other.

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