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The best way to find a way out is to understand the problem. Somalia is one of the most broken countries of the world, social, economic and political. Of course many will say that it is not our problem, if not yours. That it espabilen as we do others. Well, if one has a drug addict in the family also could say the same, however it helps you.

While it would be easy to say that he had not drugged or that it would not have taken this decision or the other. They are part of humanity, and as such, evil which we weigh our part. At this time, without a Government that takes the reins of the country, Somalia is a land without law. This has encouraged the international community to take advantage. In recent years its coasts of fishery resources have been overfished, and have instead become a dump for toxic substances (chemical and radioactive) supposedly developed countries are pouring into its waters. Initially, Somali fishermen themselves were those who, with fast boats, trying eviar these depredations and acts of vandalism, trying to at least get some economic compensation to mitigate damage. Over time, it has been drifting in an escalation of violence.

Do that we would have made us instead? An Indian proverb says don’t judge any man without having previously walked three moons in his moccasins; come on, that must be put in the place of the other. Without resources and future in Somalia are in coastal areas the people are dying and a high percentage of children born with deformations due to radiation of discharges. They see their reduced fish stocks because now that the good guys (us, of course) are depleting our fishing grounds and shellfish, we need to plunder the neighbor’s. We forget that the Earth is our home. One does not clean the classroom and puts all the crap in the bedroom. In a family, not let a child die of hunger so that the other can have a new car or go on vacation. To be able to solve our problems, we need to begin to rule the world as a unit that is. A House, a family. We are all together in this, and the consequences of what countries more civilized made with less advantaged countries like Somalia, are that we see. Begin to defend their land, to become a cruel pirate, crowded qat, and without more goal than money, there is a step. But I’m sure that if we start to worry about their needs, rather than feed an escalation of violence, we will find the key to a real solution and long term. Of course that pirates accountable to justice for what they are doing. I completely disapproval all forms of violence, wherever it comes. There is no justification in any case to retain a group people, and far less to mistreat them, humiliate them, or, as in the case of the girl of the Ariana, raping anyone. To understand it is not to say that adopt it or justifies it. But even if you have to use the force as a deterrent or to the rescue of hostages, the problem on a larger scale does not solve really with a hostile confrontation, but with help and cooperation measures. While we only put patches, it is as if we take aspirin for pain when a tumor that produces it is.

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