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There two vocational qualifications – E.g. as geriatric nurses, health and nurse – can be purchased in three and a half years. The welfare work is involved with the else-Heydlauf-Stiftung as a practical training ground from the outset. Bildungszentrum welfare work for the education center of the welfare work that celebrated sein30 anniversary last year, is the second undergraduate education elderly care training. Since 2008 the Robert Bosch are Foundation there first as a model project, since 2010 then in normal operation of main school graduates for service workers in the social and healthcare”formed with State recognition. In addition, there are numerous education and training related to the care for the elderly. Until the introduction of uniform old nursing education in the year 2003 the training center in in-service courses in Nursing Assistant to care professionals has qualified and take the State examination by the Government Bureau. By federal law, was from 2003 This way blocked.

The welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg is a foundation of under civil law and was founded in 1817 by Queen Katharina von Wurttemberg. At 18 locations in Baden-Wurttemberg, the Foundation operates nursing homes and senior residences. To come out-patient services, mobile food services, as well as its own training center. With over 1,000 participants and participants per year is the welfare work, one of the biggest winners of the voluntary of social year (FSJ) in Baden-Wurttemberg and at the same time carrier of the Federal voluntary service (BFD). Contact for further information and contacts welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg, Katja Kubietziel press and public relations Tel.: (0711) 61926 104 fax: (0711) 61926-199 E-Mail: Internet: author: Katja Kubietziel

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