GOST Example

For example, let's just GOST predicts the deflection of the surface of any wall up to 1.5 cm, in practice, these troughs are already reaching the usual rate, for example from 1 millimeter to 1.5 mm. In almost all cases, quality is directly determined by the requirements of the clients themselves, which are worth paying for the work, and thus the "music" book pretty benign. On the other hand, expert in the area will always be able to find a loophole and required to enter, so to speak in layman's misconception client in the construction business. And in that case all the above aspects are lost again. Certainly, among country house and city housing (apartment), the difference is significant. In the city say, to achieve in the perfect surfaces and joints connections everywhere, usually used gypsum plasterboard. If, for example, in You built a cottage Mighty good of brick with concrete floors flooded, then you can just go on this way – good as they say, will not do.

Here, for example, if your house is of good logs, and you Still want to do the right renovation inside the house, while retaining all of this his native natural range is absolutely the whole interior? In other words, practically and theoretically difficulties accumulated enough much, and we in this paper will attempt to even partially understand them in detail. It has to know everyone. First of all, try to understand the very notion of "renovation." So rassmotrim1 st option: let's say we decided to perform high-quality repair facilities in their own suburban home, of course, you evaluate your financial ability and gradually come to a simple conclusion that hiring an expensive team of master class professionals at the time you simply can not pocket. Then you can just mine, waiting another year or two until they accumulate the required sum, but expect to this point, no hunting, and of course you are taking a simple solution enough to invite the "cheap" team of builders.

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