Gold Altar

It can occur of the Spirit to abandon the body? How many cases of this happen when the person for the fear of pain if moves away from the body and has of being called it to return it and to continue its material existence that not yet was findou in the substance. Science already explained this. Therefore, the Euthanasia is considered a crime. Who of a chance of the person to only use a meat body knows the hour of the person of it if to move away. Of the gold altar 16 – I will pronounce against the inhabitants of these my sentences, because of all the malice of them; therefore me they had left me, and they had burnt strange incense deuses, and had adored the workmanships of its proper hands. 17 – You, therefore, cinge the lombos, make use you and say everything to them how much to order you to I; you do not frighten yourself ahead of them, so that I not you infunda astonishment in its presence.

Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 1:16 and 17. I heard a voice coming from the four angles Of the Gold Altar That is in the presence of GOD Saying to the sixth Angel: Untied without delay the four angels Who are not works of art, Tied next to the great river Eufrates, the call river of the death, Because it arrived the day, the month, the year and the hour, Necessary is, that many give accounts now. These four angels had left, and the world had involved, In a blood wave, Leaving exangue, tera part of the land. The men wait, a material war, But the belicosos espritos after all, Are always in war. Fire, smoke, sulphur, Leave enigmatic mouths, Becoming the masses insane people. Tera part is deceased, But on the land it walks, Without knowing that she is alone; Because its Spirit, abandoned Already it. They return to the condition Of animal irrationals, That although evolucionais they do not have Soul.

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