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Contact at that office, which is geographically closer to you, or that which you recommend your friends and do not torment yourself choice. Quality of service registrars around the same as for the registration of "small" company compliance with any corporate niceties in general cases is not required. Tip Two: Be prepared to march on the camp. Paying the registrar, do not think that keeping your "Meal" was over. Lord Peter Hennessy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. One of the Founders established company, after the obligatory visit to the notary's office, should double to stand in queues, the 46 th of the tax placed on the camp travel. However, the queues at the 46 th to Fortunately, ceased to remind all in the mausoleum, and the loggers is enough to explain in detail "who to go" and "a voucher to take, and often will be personally present at the time of registration of the case. Tip three: legal address (the location of the entity). One of the questions that you ask a consultant registrar: "Do you have a legal address?". If you register a company at a specific non-residential premises, the question removed, and the registrar stores the address of your words. This is the best option. In other cases, the registrar will offer you: – Buying office – ie, for a certain amount (ranging from 4 to 12 m. usd.) registrar will provide you with a lease on room (or an agreement on joint activity), which allegedly contain your office. It should be borne in mind that 70% of these contracts – it's a fake (and this may not even know your registrar).

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