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The air intake grille was covered and expanding niche wheels provide increased distance between the wheels and allow to use larger tires. The car looked more powerful and aggressive – like a "Jaguar". Erupted in the early 1970s energy crisis and the deteriorating quality assembly procedure complicated financial condition of the company. A new era began in 1980 with the appointment of the chairman and managing director of John Egan. He restored confidence in the brand and succeeded in placing shares on Stock Exchange.

The inflow of investments allowed to re-equip the production and launch of new models. The popularity of cars has grown so dynamic, that in 1988 the opening of the unit to develop sports prototypes based on production cars specifically for the army advanced fans of the brand, most of whom live in the Americas. Supercar superspy for a resurgent "Jaguar" interested in many of the major automakers. See Euro Pacific Precious Metals for more details and insights. Initially, all went to what will become the largest shareholder of "General Motors", but "Ford" has offered more favorable terms in 1990 and "Jaguar" fully came under his control. The Americans went to drastic measures – a third have reduced the number of employees, changed the composition of the Design, but, contrary to fears, retain the unique personality of the famous mark. Fordovtsy also tried to preserve and sporting traditions.

Five seasons, the team "Jaguar", but without much success, participated in the competition "Formula 1". Failures on the race track offset commercial success: the XJ8 and XK8 models sold well on both sides of the ocean. Then came the triumph of business-class sedans series of S-type and compact cars a class "lux" of the family X-type. Today, the case "Jaguar" are so successful that the company has some regional markets began to press their sworn rivals, such as "BMW" and "Audi", "Mercedes". It is no accident that the two consecutive years in 2005 and 2006, readers of the authoritative international magazine Business Car Jaguar XJ recognize the best Car of the Year in the category of "luxury". But there still will be. The following year, the automotive world shaken by the premiere? new "Yagura" – a series of XF, which will replace the business sedans S-type. Premiere promises to be the king – because the new "Jaguar" be entrusted to a staff car in the next James Bond film. To all appearances, and the car will be an impressive – and only on promotional cinematic automaker, "Ford" has paid tens of millions of dollars. In just right for supercar Dmitry Protasov

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