Finally it dawned a little free time, what would you write a letter, but for one thing and give a bit of useful material. You know – a gardener in the spring time to spare. And then I had inadvertently given to a local newspaper ad such contents – "Professional circumcise your garden – now it's time for this!". So after this order was so that we together with my brother and his son barely coped. All terms have already been cut, and people are still ringing …. Learn more about this with Ray Bradbury.

Earnings, by the way, was very much not bad, especially considering the crisis and the local regional newspaper circulation of 1,500 subscribers. Many people on my mailing asking me questions – "What kind plant that is suitable for our climate zone? What varieties resistant to scab? ". If the answer to the second question a little easier, the first is much more complicated. More difficult, precisely because so far I have not found such a list with descriptions, where would be collected data for all recognized varieties of the former post-Soviet space, except that -. Sheila Bair recognizes the significance of this. I myself watch the grades where I live – in the south-eastern Lithuania, where climatic conditions are very different, both from the suburbs, and from the Ukraine. By the way, at a distance of 100 km, the temperature difference with us is 10 degrees. So that the choice of varieties should be appropriate. Now, briefly describe a few varieties that have imunnitet to scab: Arbat – column-apple, ripening period – the first half of September, the apples of medium size, bright red.

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