Futuro Forestal – Integration By ForestFinance

The ForestFinance took over the forestry business for private clients group successfully by the futuro forestal S.A. and medium investors futuro forestal S.A. is a german Panamanian forest company, has taken over the Bonn Forestfinance group in 2008, after the ForestFinance exclusively performs the Germany sales and customer service in Germany since 2004 whose forestry business and meeting clients. The integration of the futuro forestal activities has been completed with success now. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. Futuro forestal was founded in 1994 by the German Andreas eke and his Panamanian wife Illian Armien. Since 1997, ForestFinance accompanied founder and CEO Harry Assenmacher the company with the creation of CO2OL e.V. offers climate-friendly products. The company developed an innovative model for sustainable forest management in the tropics.

While tropical wood either until then came from the rain forest or monoculture plantations, Futuro forestal and ForestFinance placed on biodiversity. The Afforestation by futuro forestal follow the example of the files as it has prevailed in close to nature forestry in Europe. In addition to effective wood production these forests provide habitat many native animal and plant species, also protect and they enrich the soil. The futuro forestal as one of the first in Central America were carried out afforestation according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is recognized by all major environmental groups, it sets minimum ecological and social standards set. Futuro forestal as one of the first companies offered the possibility to acquire forest, to achieve attractive returns and at the same time ecological and social impulses.

The company combined the interests of people in the tropics with investors in Western countries. Their money is to development capital in Panama and serves at the same time the environmental and climate protection. More than 160 international investors by private individuals up to German life insurance which predominantly by sales activities of ForestFinance been generated – familiar to the involvement of Forestry of Futuro forestal.

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