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But today we have the possibility of communication networks that can not stop and others that are filtered or cancel without being able to stop them. Fight before dying: Of course not disappear on Earth, but whether there will be major collapse, huge fights, aggressive floods misery, etc., Etc., Then who can assist in their location?, Young women, mature, elderly, instead market a character must be prepared to be prepared. Young people in schools, workplaces, places of meeting, were always called to save her energy and skill for the future of mankind, to convene to present the crisis as broke, who gave the arguments and who will be the big winners of this macabre and satanic plan. The financiers who are stealing huge sums of public money from different countries take the position harmed and altering the financial statements of companies justify their mistakes and theft, must be assisted by the States of the world. While payrolls rising poverty and indigence. Youth this lie, play rates: a barrel of oil, currencies, commodites of agriculture, drinking water, they become part of the strategy of power, etc., But we are all against the two percent of those beings whose etymological classification has not been established.

The elderly, as in ancient times by creating “Council of Elders”, who were consulted both in Rome by Caesar, they are in the squares, places they frequent regularly, and are wise, for the sole purpose of having lived many years and have suffered all kinds of contingencies. Women from their homes or workplaces, will be as they have always been the main firemen of the great changes that the destination is occurring on our planet. Many of them are mothers and are clear on the struggle to defend his family, his children, and never fail because if you fail to lose as much as a mother is sacred. The territories such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, called peripheral, are the alternatives of this 2 percent is left to rule the universe. Do not be so easy, because when you know the majority percentage of these terrible and not as palatial traps may be undetected. Here, as did Hernan Cortes burned the ships, in 1519, reached the beaches of Mexico with a few sailors on the natives …

Then the ruthless adventurer, command to set fire to the ships on which they arrived, the premise was … win or die. Us we will win by the higher law that covers the battlefield in every place in the world. But the enormous power of them and have no qualms about poisoning the water, set them off fields, blowing up wells, etc., But if we do not believe in political action, it will be impossible because the media have all but the moral weakness of many beings humans who think they are going to save and then they recite the beautiful thought of Bertolt Brech: First they took the Jews, but I was not Jewish, I do not care. After the Communists took, but I was not a communist, I do not care. Then they took the workers, but as I was not working, I do not care. He later led the intellectuals, but as I was not intellectual, nor do I care. Then followed the priests, but I was not a cure, I do not care. Now comes for me, but it’s too late ..

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