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The ‘ harder.vario notes’ are the first sticky notes that can be customized and personalized to one hundred percent. They are suitable for Kuvertierenden and produces purely digital. “The Group harder from Weingarten, manufacturer of sticky notes and labels for the manufacturing industry and the wholesale and retail, announces at the beginning of the Nuremberg mailing days” the Europe-wide launch of the new harder.vario notes “on. This product is special sticky notes that can be individualized and personalized from a limited edition of a. “The harder.vario notes” are produced exclusively in digital printing. For this reason, smaller pads, expect especially when compared to similar products in conventional offset printing. The digital manufacturing allows an unmatched print quality. As absolute show-stopper, it offers the ability to print on leaf by leaf with different motifs or variable data, such as addresses.

Thus for the first time is a wholly owned Individualisation or even personalization possible. It can be up to the flip-book”increase! The digitally produced sticky notes can be applied either manually or with automatic establishments. They can be used, for example, when the envelope mailings machine in the envelope. The choices are numerous finishing options, such as different forms, envelopes, Duftapplikationen, scratch paint, perforations, or punching. “The harder.vario notes” can be glued by the recipient of the advertising broadcast on any surface in the Office or in the household and reused. This, they remain in the field of view of the consumer, and remember important dates, actions, phone numbers or E-Mail addresses at a glance.

Especially young audiences feel addressed by the fresh, modern form of advertising. Direct marketing campaigns help new, innovative products such as the harder.vario notes”, advertising service providers and lettershops the desired AHA”effect in the recipient to trigger. Increased awareness of the advertised product or the performance of the principal is guaranteed. The company is one of the most innovative, owner-operated printing companies in Germany group of harder with its headquarters in the Swabian wine. High-quality print products in the field of commercials such as all kinds of labels are manufactured at sites in Weingarten (Baden-Wurttemberg) and Grossenhain (Saxony). Thanks to a fully automated Internet-shop system and State of the art printing and stamping technology considerable cost savings compared to other providers. This cost benefit is passed directly to the customer. Exclusive distributorships with own sales offices in Poland and the Czech Republic, takes account of the special features of regional markets and secures to a continuous growth. “In 2003 the harder-online GmbH was founded, with the brand” and “is positioned now around 10 years outstanding in the market. A Lettershop completes the product – and service portfolio of the Group of companies for direct marketing campaigns.

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