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I want to explain to them how they can use a company online to perform whether banners, buttons, menus, texts in different sizes, shapes and colors and more important that professionals, the company that I recommend are to been recognized by several magazines like ZDnet and PC they have two forms of work, the free and the paid which involves a payment of $29.95 $ for a whole yearthe advantage of paying is that within your banner, text, button, or menu won’t appear in small letters of the company name and the link. that can divert attention from that are viewing your banner by what I consider that $29.95 $ worth make the payment and not distract the looked of your future buyers. In any case remember that you will be able to do your professional and free flash banners. I think it is a good selling tool if you know where to place it, to my has given me good results since I’ve been doing tests and seeing the amount of clicks that have given me and the conversion that has been generated and I can tell you that having banners is worthwhile and is one good selling tool if they know it to use. What I recommend is that you try to play with the designs and check daily how many click to see if it works or if it is worthwhile change design and see if it brings better results the banner has generated them. Click on the following link for you to see VIDEO TUTORIAL how to link to the web page that will give this tool so valuable.. Please visit Home Depot if you seek more information.

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