Five Aspects

In this article we invite the reader to reflect in the aspects that show the loss of the enchantments, that is, lead not to have enchantment and enthusiasm for the life. The first aspect at the outset says cravado respect in cerne of our society: to take off advantage in everything; many are specialized in this, unhappyly are in politics that this advantage more is accented. The politicians are not all, exist the honest ones that until they take off money of the pocket to preserve its honesty. However, this is not practical common between the Brazilian politicians. The old principle ' ' we come it ours bolso' ' he infects to many. Really, many situations occur, when we are knowing that they demonstrate impostures.

As aspect says respect to the life of appearances that many lead. On behalf of it, all valley; quanta unhappy people, therefore this appearance takes many to have ' ' realizaes' ' with the alcohol, tobacco and as much other drugs. One is not about perfection or demagogy, but of innumerable outcries that affirm you intrigue that them familiar and social they pass for this question, nobody can demonstrate happiness for much time, dissimulating that it is happy. Perhaps the biggest example that illustrious the life of appearances and illusion, where on behalf of the money, fame and pleasure all valley are the programs that the TV officialized as the Big Brother Brazil. Until point on behalf of the money the human being must be watched in everything? We cannot forget: money is necessary, without it is not lived, but, cannot place the money above all, transforming it into a species of ' ' deus' '. The third aspect says respect to the question of lives deeply familiar. It is not saudosismo, but the families are losing its unit (it is not the separation question) and yes the loss of the familiar conviviality; she seems that she does not have empolgao to if congregating the family in return of the table to talk, to sing and if to confraternizar without offence, misunderstanding, arrogance, drunkness, aggression as much other barbarities.

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