Fish Marketing

Fish market building on the Edersee created. The company Finnholz has created a wooden house as a fish market building at the Edersee. Because building was created in pure block construction beams. The builders, fish breeding mater mill GBR, the massive wooden construction was very important. The special combination of solid wood and the natural product of fish is so special about the self marketing concept of by fish farming mater mill GBR. Except for the fish market building, where the cutting and the sale take place finds, even an open building for the fish Raucherein is built. The fish market building is divided into two rooms.

The front room serves exclusively the sale, while in the back room, the separation has its place. The entire project is supported by the Hessian land development company in Kassel and promoted. Aim is to drive forward regional development. It is built the blockhouse system right next to the summer toboggan run is more coincidence than desire. Fish farming has a long tradition in the Valley, the summer toboggan run was in the built in 1990s on the opposite slope. The summer toboggan run is when the weather is very well attended. This is the idea of the direct marketing of the company’s own fish fish breeding mater mill GBR now benefit.

The open Fischraucherein special is likely in the future that attract viewers and to promote sales contribute the wonderful aroma of freshly smoked fish. As a future-oriented company Finnholz looks at the concept of direct marketing of foods relating to the natural environment of a massive wooden house or log cabin log houses and carpentry. The consumer more and more emphasis on fresh and short marketing channels. This approach the company now also fish breeding mater mill GBR at the Edersee.

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