First Temple

Well that was a holiday, one filled with visions and dreams, just ahead of the times. Continue to learn more with: Nicholas Carr. You have to understand that at that time, Solomon was at the height of his glory, the kingdom was showing signs of the greatness of his action. Meanwhile, he had already begun to others dreams and everything that happens during his most creative years, while taking care to build the First Temple and Palace. History shows us it was that day when he began to give instructions to his captains and workers and the Bible more detail the contribution and experience of the Phoenicians began to sort the ideas and then was ordered to be developed planes. To know more about this subject visit Army Chief of Staff . Once already glimpsed the work to be performed, ordered the implementation. First was ordered to locate and acquire the best and most resistant timber.

And is that having the above to work, people began to work optimistically for almost three years of construction. As we said earlier it is recognized that in addition, there was the support and participation of other neighboring towns, who helped them with wood and with a workforce experienced. Although its construction was taking place at a location near the sea, in a city that today we can be Ashdod, the bustle in the palace was unusual, was jealous to see how and how people moved, seems to be a work own life, able to involve so emotional at all that something had to bring about the same and in turn this mare magnum exerted a contagious energy which even non-involved began to do, to bring about change, both in terms of their own buildings, shops, synagogues, even within their own homes. That was the best real estate market in the world.

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