First Practical Experience To The Virtualisation Of CAD Workplaces

Central deployment of CATIA on the rig rolls the Virtualisierungswelle also in the automotive industry. The benefits of virtualization for special applications such as CATIA are undisputed. Because of the added value goes beyond mere cost savings. Two questions are crucial in the current market situation: How can I reduce IT operating costs further, and how can I respond to more dynamic market requirements? An answer is the virtualization of CATIA jobs”, says Rolf Braun, Board member of the CEMA AG. This shows also the pilot project developed the CEMA AG, a leading automotive supplier. More momentum for the business developed the internationally active company multi-site single components as well as complete module solutions for new vehicle generations. It has consolidated largely already servers and storage virtualized and therefore the infrastructure with the help of CEMA AG. Central to provide complete Developer jobs the supplier wants to exploit more benefits: by the designers with CAD applications on the basis of Citrix XenDesktops work to save not only money but also competitive.

Also in this project the supplier opts the competence of CEMA AG. As a Platinum Solution Advisor we are the ten highest authorized Citrix partners in Germany. This status ensures excellent professional and technical know-how, as well as customer satisfaction. Furthermore the solution designed by us has convinced”, Brown explains. A Citrix XenDesktop HDX 3D TP3 as performant as a local installation is the heart of the solution. First, the user via a Web interface logs on, and then selects the desired CATIA workstation. This is a dedicated physical machine, equipped with appropriate CPU performance, sufficient memory (4 GB) and a graphics card with at least 96 Cuda cores for high-performance operation of resource-intensive application. The Workstation informs the desktop delivery controller then a server component of the XenDesktops for the initial communication of the current status of the use (in use”” / idle “).

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