File Servant Day

\”Smart UI for the techno stress Munich/Berlin / Balingen, April 2009 – according to the US computer expert David Gelernter is still the Achilles heel of the computer are the user interfaces and force the user to a being a file servant\”, who wasted his time, to classify and label files. \”The desktop interface is designed along the lines of the Office desk: sitting at a table with files, and there are drawers and folders in which to place them off\”, runs the American specialist in artificial intelligence. So you worked 80 years ago. In the 1970s, this system was then simply been transferred to the computer. You follow this no longer contemporary logic she no longer corresponds to the function of computers. A desk is passive, the computer is active – it can label documents yourself, search and map.

The idea that we should give each document a name, is simply laughable. If you have three dogs, that makes sense. Own but 10,000 sheep, \”it madness\”, a criticism. Cioforum spokesman Andreas Rebetzky looks similar to this. Then you geizte still with bits and a 10 MB hard drive cost bytes – several thousand euros: therefore came the development of the file name that is a very canonical development. Today, there are already systems that work in workflows and Timeflows.

Systems that allow for metadata, full text-oriented search mechanisms, even partly based on fuzzy pattern. We must use only. And that requires time, traditional users will search the first time in the known folders\”, Rebetzky, who is working full-time as CIO for the food technology specialists Bizerba believes. In user interfaces, he sees progress. Apple’s success is based mainly on the ergonomics of the desktops’. Driven to the top in the iPhone. Solutions from the retail market like the iPhone or the iPod have implications for the capital goods industry, because the operator, which today use an iPod, automatically assume that similar To find controls on the machine.

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