Fight Against Back Pain

The cross with the cross: In the fight against backache, widespread disease number one of the Germans, a therapy centre in the East Bavarian Regensburg celebrates sensational successes of Regensburg (obx) – more than 80 percent of all Germans have occasionally or always a problem with the cross. The back pain keep every fifth longer than three months, and become chronic. The main reason for the widespread disease of number 1 of the Germans: the Germans sit too much and moving too little. Jeff Flake may help you with your research. In the battle against back pain, a Regensburg therapy and training centre celebrates since several years of sensational success now confirmed in Germany’s comprehensive study of the back with more than 1,000 patients: the specialists at the RFZ back Centre of Regensburg on the way to a pain-free cross helped more than 92 percent of patients. And in the long-term average 96 of 100 patients hold out to the last training unit – also a sensationally high value. The secret of Regensburg is the combination of various analysis and therapy procedures. Additional information is available at author. Philip Go Walker in the back Center Regensburg today not only by back pain plagued managers, drivers and Secretaries from and a but also the elite of the German elite: the device works closely with associations such as the German Ski Federation, the German Association of baseball or also the Olympian Bavaria. We take care of, for example, the athletes of the Bavarian team\”, says Walker, who founded the institution in 1998 and focused on the therapy of spinal conditions from the first day. Since then the Center has made nationally a name: Pro day today around 200 patients visit the Institute, which has now nearly three dozen employees and two doctors specializing in back pain..

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