FID Investor Publisher Plans

The FID investor specialist publisher for information services has the enterprise content-management-system of six open systems GmbH opted for Stuttgart, November 2, 2010 – the FID investor specialist publisher for information services with headquarters in Bonn has opted for the enterprise content-management-system of six open systems GmbH. Get all the facts and insights with Air Force Chief of Staff, another great source of information. The SixCMS solution platform will form the technological base for the development of a new extranet application for central themes and publication priorities. (Similarly see: Attorney General). Readers benefit from a cleaner appearance and easier subscription management. The implementation of the project and technical implementation of the new enterprise-content-management-system should be in close cooperation between the Stuttgart-based software company and publishing house. Project Manager Andreas Witt from the FID investor Publisher plans a gradual transition: in a first step we will create a kind of template for the new extranet application. Then we will build to train other pages after this template.” The FID investor Publishing House is part of the the year 1990 founded FID trade publishing, which mainly covers the topics of health, investment and knowledge of parents with numerous newsletters, e-mail, and fax services. The interests of private and semi professional investors are the focus of the FID investor Publishing House. In a total of 31 financial publications, investors will receive valuable information about investment strategies and stock market news from around the world. The six open systems GmbH has become the supplier of enterprise-content-management- and media asset management systems with rich experience in the media field and offers in addition to the proven core products a number of industry-specific solutions for publishers and media service providers. The range is supplemented by consulting and implementation services as well as training and support.

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