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But by using this form, be aware that providing documents in electronic form is not sufficient. It can be used only with the paper documents. In order to realize the possibility of representing information in electronic form, applicants for state registration of legal entities of the Federal Tax Service in the Order of March 23, 2006 @ N SAE-3-13/165 approved formats of information in the registration (tax) authority at the state registration of these persons. The legislation defined some general Submission of documents: 1. According to Art. 3 of Section 1, Art. 9 of the registration application for state registration shall be certified by the authorized signature, the authenticity of which must be certified in notary.

During the commission of such a legally significant action may appeal only person who is an applicant state registration of legal persons, that the notary mandatory checked. Notarization of other documents submitted for state registration, it is necessary only in cases stipulated by federal laws. 2. Application for state registration must necessarily have in their content instruction in the following information: a) the applicant’s passport data, or in accordance with Russian legislation, details of another identity document, and b) taxpayer identification number (if available). 3. In accordance with Sec. 2, 1, Art. 9 of the registration requirements to the documents submitted for registration, in addition to the relevant provisions of the Act registration shall be determined by the Government. Implementation of this provision is a Government Decree of 19 June 2002 N 439 “On approval of forms and requirements for registration of documents used in state registration of legal persons and natural persons as individual businessmen.

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