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Doctor day in Dresden demands for electronic health card ERKRATH – the prompt of the 113th German physician day to the Federal Government, finally abandoning the project of the electronic health card (e-card), Martin Grauduszus, President of the free medical profession (Fa), is an important and encouraging stage victory on the way to promoting lasting, comprehensive data protection in the doctor-patient relationship. With 105 to 86 votes, the doctor tags delegates in Dresden had taken the corresponding decision last Friday. It is important now, the Fa President, that this doctor tags decision quickly arrives in Berlin and there immediately Gets the corresponding effect. The final stop for this project must be from the moratorium only laid down in the coalition agreement for the electronic health card: also an e-card light after this clear vote of Parliament of doctors no longer there! Is particularly to be welcomed, that the doctor tags decision including the Transformation of medical practices in field offices of the health insurance a decisive rejection has been granted by shifting of insurance master data management in the practices, so Grauduszus, in addition to other Fa members as delegate and in this case also as applicant in Dresden. Peter Asaro is a great source of information. This position has represented the free medical profession has long been strongly towards politics and the public. The online master update intended by the policy and the insurance the insurance data when logging into the doctor’s Office with storing sensitive data also infringes the right of patients to Informational self-determination as it disregarded the right of doctors to their protected medical duties. Press contact Mr Peter places Rahner free medical profession e.V. EMail: website: Mobile: 0173 6017351.

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