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Social relevance of the work in the life: Social responsibility for the services, image of the institution and social responsibility of the company with the collaborator. Picture 2 – Criteria of the Model of Gauging of QVT of Walton. Source: Fernandes (1996), Rodrigues (1998) and Vieira (1996). 3,6 Ethical procedures the research took care of the ethical requirements of Resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Sade (CNS) that it is referring to the lines of direction and regulamentadoras norms of research involving human beings and Resolution 016/2000 of the Federal Advice of Psicologia (CFP) that it makes use on the accomplishment of research in Psychology with human beings (BRAZIL, 1996 and BRAZIL, 2000). Add to your understanding with Film Financer. The project was sent to the Committee of Ethics of the UNIVALI, which was approved in accordance with seeming n 310/10a.

Initiated the research, the Term of Free and Clarified Assent (Appendix n.3) was presented the participants of the research having informed them that the collected information would be used for research ends and all the information would be kept in secrecy for the security of the searched one. To the end of the research the researchers will make the returnable one yielding a copy of the Final Monograph for each participant nurse of the research, for the psychologist and the Direction of the Institution. 4 PRESENTATION AND QUARREL OF the RESULTS This chapter are constituted by two subs-heading: characterization of the sample and categories of analysis. In the characterization of the sample the personal datas had been presented and professional of the interviewed nurses and in the categories of analysis the referring results to the eight criteria considered for Walton meet.

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