Features Japanese Cuisine

To date, a variety of Japanese dishes are extremely popular. For example land – they can be considered the standard of cleanliness and freshness of taste, they also have a unique aesthetic that allows you to submit them even on the traditional banquets, receptions and buffets. Many probably tried sushi restaurants, so they know that the particular combination of rice and a variety of Japanese ingredients, seafood, vegetables, seaweed, sauces, spices and marinades, gives the dish a unique taste. In addition, by ordering sushi at a restaurant, waiters will also offer traditional ritual – to wipe your hands with hot wet towel, often flavored with essential oils of jasmine, mint or rose. ng through. In addition to the eastern exoticism, associated with the dish itself and the ritual of eating, sushi and rolls are interested in and many other reasons.

It is believed that Japanese cuisine is very useful and it is not surprising. People such as Chief of Staff would likely agree. out. Fish is rich in protein, fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, seaweed and shellfish contain a lot of iodine and trace elements, which are so lacking in our diet, but what a variety of vegetables and flavor combinations make Japanese food is extremely healthy food. The only danger, which may be in order rolls and other Japanese dishes – it's substandard ingredients. Because often in cooking used raw fish marinated in a special way, it is important not only to ensure compliance with technology, but use only the freshest products, or use poor-quality Japanese food may lead to poisoning or more serious consequences in terms of infections. Traditionally, Japanese food is eaten with chopsticks. Such a meal specially tailored for them, and once having learned to skillfully wield chopsticks you never come to mind is sushi with a fork – it's so uncomfortable! Even the rice in a bowl with chopsticks used – Japanese varieties of rice during cooking are sticky, so in order to seize the rice lumps, no need no spoon or fork. Soups same first drink, and the solid ingredients are eaten in the end, as with chopsticks. The restaurant also can give you a special ceramic spoon for soup. However, if you order soup, sushi and rolls with home delivery, then a spoonful of the soup will have to take care of yourself.

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