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For example, Swiss psychologist Max Luscher in 1948, presented to the public its known color test to help identify the 'personality type'. As a result, studies people's reactions to color it turned out that they are able in some way provoke emotions. Exactly what kind of emotions company wants to produce from its customers, defines its corporate coloring. In some organizations, this issue is resolved based on intuition and experience marketing and owners, in others – have resorted to more or less scientific methods. Factors influencing the choice of their 'colors, varied, and it's geography and the profile of Central Asia, and, of course, the positioning of the company. 'When we developed corporate identity design our own brand stores and Divizion, key moment for us was to determine the color scheme – says Pavel Karaulov, managing partner of the group of companies Divizion. – Since our brand – one of the youngest in the mobile retail market, we had an advantage. We had the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of colors other brands on the market.

" Experts in the field Branding recommend avoiding excessive multicolor, unless it is dictated by the specific business. Numerous studies show that too colorful logo, although it attracts attention, but very frustrating and is quickly forgotten. Thus, the brand can be purchased at the consumer's mind a negative image. On the other hand, the 'correct' for the company's color can be absolutely no interest to consumers. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to go against the rules.

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