a Where do you get enough energy to go to work? How do I overcome this stage of exhaustion?, how do to counteract the fatigue that weighs on me? and most important, can do something against it? or is the unhappy fate of all adults. First, if energy can be removed from the sleeve, only to be put there. Second, if you can get through this time, but the only way is decidiendote that there is no stage. Third, that fatigue does not mean you have is imagination, of course it is real and there are ways to fix it. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeff Flake. And finally, there is no destination that puts you in mind. to arrive from work yesterday, arriving today, here tomorrow to your house and there is no escape, after a long day, your boss shouts of, conflict with your classmates in your household have more for you. You know you have work to do, for you are the man of the house and no way out unless you want to pay for it, bad idea right? So you do it, it never ends, there are always do.

Also, you should spend time with your children, worse if they are small, since their energies seem to be constantly renewed or not affected by fatigue. a To perform like they do on the day that provided the fuel is sufficient. If not, the fatigue will catch you and end up with control in his hand in front of the TV. To escape this, we must do everything we can to get them. .

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