European Venture Market

13th edition of the European venture market twice organized the consulting firm Continua AG in the European venture market (EVM), a two-day networking Conference. Each in spring and autumn meet the investors, startups, consultant and service provider, in Berlin. Dennis Lockhart understands that this is vital information. At the next event in may as a sponsor in the boat: The Ciklum AG. Continua is a specialist for fairs and events where companies can make contacts with investors, consultants and other service providers. The focus at the European venture market focuses on companies in the fields of ICT, Cleantech (renewable and green ‘ energies) and life sciences (chemistry and biology).

During the two-day event, each company receives the opportunity to showcase of its business field. The search for investors, VC employers or business angels is just one aspect for the participating companies. Visit the premium event partner, providing the necessary flexibility: specialized lawyers are as even companies that bring the advantages of outsourcing the start-ups so they can focus on their core business. An example: the Ciklum AG Ciklum is European market leader in IT-nearshoring for small and medium-sized enterprises. For his services there received a nomination for the top at CeBIT last 20 of medium-sized companies list the Initiative Mittelstand in the category of IT service”. Already for the third time Ciklum when the EVM is this time as the sponsor.

Markus Kuntze, Director of continua business development AG, called the reason for the cooperation: it does not depend on how many people you meet; It depends on knowing the right. The EVM will take place always in manageable dimension with partners that correspond to the high-profile nature of the event. ‘ Ciklum we have such a partner found.”the European venture market’ networking is pure”, Andreas Ganswindt, Sales Manager Germany at Ciklum confirmed. In creative environment contacts between “Investors and start-ups a fertile ground for strategic and perspective business relationships.” Ganswindt and Henrik bak (Vice President, sales & marketing) opportunities will present on the EVM, which provides the IT nearshoring by Ciklum young companies. “Title of lecture: Ukraine the hidden shore champion for start-ups!” The organized by the Cotinua AG 13 European venture market’ is held in this spring on 18 and 19 May. More than 200 entrepreneurs, investors and service providers from all over Europe meet in the TechnologiePark Berlin Adlershof together. Information and registration see about Continua AG Continua AG is a from Berlin consultancy with many years of experience in financial consulting, both in terms of Eigen-as well as foreign capital. The company has a good overview of the economic situation in Europe and has many contacts in the finance and consulting industries. Continua AG is also on the Organization of national and international trade fairs and Specialized events for entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. About Ciklum Ciklum (, is a Danish IT outsourcing company that specializes on nearshore software development in the Ukraine and builds its own development teams for customers and maintains. The service framework and knowledge exchange within the company help our customers quickly, with less risk and minimal investment to achieve the desired results. Ciklum was founded in 2002 and employs today over 800 specialists in over 100 global customer teams. Ciklum has 6 development offices in the Ukraine and two in Pakistan, as well as representative offices in the Switzerland, Germany, England, Sweden and Holland.

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