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They think that eating much is eating well. People relates to eat well with foods that people of high level of life, consume i.e. eat white bread instead of tortillas, takes wine instead of water, white rice instead of black rice, and so on. Then the people choose their food according to its colors, flavors and social level that consumes it. Eat as rico does not mean that you eat well. Eat as poor does not mean that you eat poorly. Rich and poor have good and bad food.

The important thing is to know what these food, not who eats them. Others mistakenly believe that they eat well, because they have decreased the amount of red meat they eat. Others because they don’t eat pork meat, only eat beef. Other because only eat chicken and fish. Other because eat many salads and fruits.

Other because vegetarians have been made. Other because don’t eat tortillas. Other because they eat and cook without fat. Other because try to eat everything. Others because they eat things very natural and healthy, i.e., don’t eat anything canned, bottled or processed. Other because worry about eating clean food without pollution, bacteria or parasites. Others because they are not eating in the street or in restaurants, always eat at home. Other because don’t eat junk food or fast food. Other because only supplement their food with vitamins and minerals. Others add only fiber. Others because they stop drinking coffee, alcohol, quit smoking cigarettes, and so on. The truth is that all this helps to improve some aspect of the power, but does not mean that the power supply is complete and balanced. Do one or more of these changes is very constructive, but doesn’t mean this we already get a good feed. I.e. you can have a very clean food without fat, without red meat but which does not contain all the nutrients that you need. For example a few eggs made with nothing very clean and grease not removed excess cholesterol that bring. Good nutrition means having all the nutrients that your body needs every day in the required amounts. If you take all the recommended amounts, they are automatically balanced. That means having a balanced meals. Poor diet means having excesses, weaknesses and deficiencies of nutrients in our food. Regardless which is expensive or cheap, national or imported, at home or in restaurants. The few who accept that they eat poorly in Latin America mistakenly think that in Europe or America eats well, or that people who have more money to eat well; that is not true.

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