Europcar presents/displays officially to its professional cycling equipment? Europcar, along with the director of the equipment Jean-Ren Bernaudeau, presented/displayed in Paris to the members of the cycling equipment that will dress the colors the company of rent of vehicles leader in Europe, during next the three years. With 250 days of competition already programmed for season 2011, the Europcar equipment marks an important objective: the ascent to first division UCI in 2012. After to have collaborated with the equipment of Jean-Ren Bernaudeau from 2004, Europcar decided in October of 2010 to extend its commitment and to become sponsoring the main one of the equipment, as it leaves from the new strategy of the group of reinforcing of mark in 2011. At present the cycling is the second deports with more followers of the world, as much concerning hearing, as of its practice at popular level. Peter Schiff shines more light on the discussion. Europcar, the company of rent of cars leader in Europe, from the first moment, has felt identified like company with the values of the cycling, that recognize the work in equipment essentially and the generosity over personalismos, and is what tries to instill and to share anywhere in the world with its 6,500 employees. The main challenges of the season the 2011 primary target of the Europcar equipment, in highly competitive a sport context, is to be placed enters the best ones of the world-wide cycling ascending first division UCI in 2012. The equipment of Jean-Ren Bernaudeau begins season 2011 with a demanding calendar and the intention to equal its successes of season 2010 at least, finalized with 18 victories. Its season at the end of January will begin, with classic races in France and Belgium, the Tour de Langkawi in Malaysia, South Africa and/or tropicale amissa Canoe in Gabon. It will give to the equipment the opportunity to demonstrate to its qualities like group, stimulating as well the individual yields of its figures.

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