Entrepreneur is breaking new ground in the sales of products from the wellness area new the entrepreneur Barbara Fenske from Neustadt/Weinstrasse is breaking ground in the marketing of anti aging products. “Under the motto: where is the human-centred” she sells in Germany (and worldwide) anti-aging and wellness products and a lucrative sideline or a full-time job with higher income provides interested partners. You cooperates with the American company LIFE-PLUS, which is established in Germany since 1999 and served in the meantime also the whole European market. We derive the goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer with a highly interesting concept. This so-called referral marketing offers similar to the franchise system or direct marketing (network marketing) a livelihood, but with two significant advantages over the two aforementioned systems: it works completely without purchasing and selling, without storage, without investment and without financial risk.

The principle is based on the establishment of a pure consumer network. Consumable products are sourced to personal consumption and further recommended. Basis of business is building relationships. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nicholas Carr. We provide a simple concept, whereby any interested potential partners can inform and educate later. Fenske know which works best in personal conversation”, from their years of experience. The basic principle of the referral marketing is relatively easy.

Example: A person recommend this concept and the products of five people, who use them themselves. If these five in turn pass this idea on five people, already 25 people as partners are linked.These 25 recommend the concept further rich, once again to five partners there are 125 participants. Do these 125 again the same, the number increased to 625 examples of anti aging products in the roughly 120 anti aging products is mere everyday consumption products. Ranging the daily by the high-quality toothpaste to articles Body care and preventive wellness products bio premium”- developed by a highly qualified team of doctors and pharmacists. OMEGOLD distinguishes itself by its special blend of essential oils with effective fat-soluble antioxidants from other products. Each softgel capsule contains a precise blend of Omega – 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, combined with vitamin D and an exclusive blend of essential oils with a high content of antioxidants. OmeGold is a safe, effective means of providing your family with essential omega-3 fatty acids. Another product, DAILY PLUS, is intended as a daily basic care. It consists of 51 different fruits, vegetables and herbs, fiber, as well as pre-and Probiotischen ingredients to support the intestinal function. PROANTHENOLS contains the most currently known antioxidants (OPC), its antioxidant protection 20 times higher is E. vitamin C and 50 times higher than in vitamin almost all plants produce OPC and protect it from the destructive effect of free radicals. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants in all of nature, and went as anti aging vitamin “in the literature.

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