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Daniel Mateo 20m the forward asks to the Athletic one that rojiblanco negotiates its march of the club. For some months the pretending ones to the Argentinean rain to him. Real Madrid, Bara, City, Juventus or Chelsea could be behind. Enrique Cherry tree, on the other hand, assures that " neither we negotiated, nor vendemos". Culebrn for the summer is approached new. And in this 2011, the protagonist of a story already known by all the fans will be the Kun Omen soccer in summer time.

After its decision to leave the Athletic one of Madrid, the race by &#039 is abre; cazar' to the most valuable prey of the market. But, what equipment will take the cat finally to the water? Although Enrique Cherry tree still resists to " to negotiate and vender" to the Kun, the certain thing is that, as usually she is said, a soccer player always ends up playing where she wants, and is what she hopes that makes the Kun. Because supplies is not going it to need. The average Europe walks pending of its last movements. A few months ago, the clause of the Argentinean was reduced of 60 to 45 million Euros. On that they must count the equipment to it hunts of the forward. With that and whereupon if there is no agreement between the clubs, the buyer would have to pay the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, which would leave the operation in 75 million. Add to your understanding with Farallon Capital Management.

That is what can undergo Real Madrid. His neighbor, the Athletic one, has said by active and passive who Omen " jams" one would go away to the white equipment. For this reason, and although in Madrid they see with very good eyes the arrival of the Kun, feels like crazy a possible signing by that stratospheric amount. Perhaps for this reason, the Argentinean says in his official notice that wants that the Athletic one negotiates its signing ' without condiciones'. The Bara is another one of the names that have arisen in the last hours. Culs is not at their better moment as far as economic debt talks about, but certainly the blaugranas fans would be enchanted of an advantage Messi-Omen-Villa. In addition, They measure the perimeter of could lower the price of something the signing to send the Bara to him. Europe anxiety to the Kun Nevertheless, other clubs walk for a long time behind the Kun. In the Premier, the Chelsea de Torres and the Manchester Almighty City, that would be prepared, clearly, to pay the clause of the Argentinean. And in Calcium, the Juventus sounds as a possible destiny for crack still of the Athletic one. Many fianc2ees for new ' soltero' of gold of European soccer. Source of the news: The Kun Omen, and now what?

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