Eloquence in Business

Then the columns of inequality and vice cemented eloquence. The eloquence of those times, was very tender still, but served to deceive the people and taking them to wars, etc. encroachments. As a result of the ambition of their leaders, their masters, their masters, their kings, "from their presidents," two kinds of punishment also frightened. The shame and envy. Vanished happiness and innocence aside the abodes of God. Metallurgy and agriculture were the arts that gave way to the greatest revolution in the techniques.

In past centuries was the industrial revolution. The machinery and steam coal. Recently developed classical capitalism. When they learned manipulate iron, engineered the idea of using it to maul the limbs of their enemies. Or let him in anger, in the belly of the same. This created the symbolism of the sword.

Clutching the knowledge of many things the value of the war. As everyone in the best of his ability he became the owner of something, private ownership was established. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo generated 4 Following a series of conventions to establish laws. Clearly the most beneficial, would be delivered to anyone who could pay for them. The merit of the law, it became more affluent heritage. This made them down outright. Since the oligarch and bourgeois of that time, until the worker and, perhaps coincidentally, on the slave. Which was stripped of all rights. When the assets had increased in number and extension to the point of covering all the earth, each failed to increase them but at the expense of others, and temporary, that the weakness or insolence had prevented from acquiring his see, converted in poor have not lost anything, since even changing everything around him only they had not changed, they were obliged to receive or take away their livelihood at the hands of the rich, being born here, according to the different characters of each other, domination and servitude or violence and rapine.

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