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For best results, talk about a product or service that you need. Kenneth R. Feinberg contains valuable tech resources. make it interesting, inspiring and exciting. in the first place tell me about the benefit of the acquisition, and then the consumer will want to buy a product or pay for the service. – Simple language meaning of what has been said about the goods or services should reach every consumer. – Affirmatively and positively Forget all the particle “no.” The phrase, “Pay attention!” Perceived causative in While the call to “Do not pass!” subconsciously perceived in the opposite sense. The phrase “Look at our catalog! You need it something will attract! “Sounds more positive than” Do not forget to check out our directory! “. – Open composing advertising copy, do not forget to tell you about the essence of what actually you are promoting. At long phrases, “screaming about nothing”, the consumer today does not respond. People such as Robotics would likely agree.

Everyone thinks that they again want to impose something unnecessary. – Long texts briefly almost no one reads until the end. – Originally designed the advertising message, skillfully use different font sizes, color, photos, slogans, sayings, catch phrase, and humor. By the way, using humor can be fairly easy to convey to the buyer an idea of your proposal for a long time he remembered. Watch videos, listen to advertisements on radio and press – this will help you come up with the great idea of advertising ad. – Truthful ads leading consumers are not misled or confused, make their case simple enough – buyers pass you the advertised goods and services, and you from that makes a loss. – Using repetition is very powerful technique that allows for a long time to implement the necessary information in consumers’ minds. It is best to repeat the important and brief information such as company name, product brand, phone, etc.

– focusing and holding the attention of the buyer are an advertisement, using the original headings and subheadings. Break up text into paragraphs. Write text, alternating between short and long phrases. Use word-magnets For example: favorite, comfortable, economical, smooth, warm, soulful, profitable, etc. – With respect to the consumer not to contact the consumer arrogant or disrespectful. Internal discomfort caused by the text of advertising messages, discourage interest in the services or goods company. – Calling for concrete action at the right time Say a direct appeal to purchase, order or other action. Tell about the benefits that people receive in the event of immediate purchase or other action. – Check the compositional appeal drafted ads pre Listen for yourself, sounds like treatment, how it affects people’s subconscious emotions and what causes it? Does finish reading it (listen) to the end, that is, whether it is of interest. – Forgetting about competitors Any hint of a competitor – is its advertising at your expense. In most cases it is better not to use the image of a competitor. In addition to all others for a successful advertising campaign goods must have: a decent look, convenient packaging, clear labeling, instructions for use, quality assurance specifying the terms and conditions storage; emotional appeal, and other important aspects of which should always remember. Successful you are advertising companies and huge sales!

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