On the Internet, recently often discussed the problems of E-gold: Will it survive? Some analysts argue that all will decide the U.S. presidential election in the autumn 2008goda and depending on who comes to power, Democrats or Republicans will be decided the fate of kompanii.Drugoe opinion – in E-gold just temporary trudnosti.Mezhdunarodnaya payment system E-gold was created in 1996godu.Denezhnye means it is not tied to any national currency, during the commissioning of system they are converted into analogues of precious metals, provided this metal (particularly gold). For a long time, the system E-gold was the most popular foreign electronic money payment system in Russia Internet, since 2006, its popularity with each passing year noticeably padaet.V Currently, all analysts agree on one thing, the cause of the plight of E-gold has become an unreasonable policy of the company in the field of personal identification and Low zaschity.Pozvolyaya block accounts for payment and authorize the transfer funds in another account, the company has "magic wand" for hundreds of thousands of scams from all over the world. Starting interested in the business on the Internet, I even as a novice, once remarked that almost all the dubious projects in the network, required to pay to E-gold.Ya for itself established a rule, be careful here for some reason or require payment calculated only in the E-gold. Dennis P. Lockhart may find this interesting as well. When law enforcement agencies in the U.S. seriously interested in the company's activities, the system E-gold has changed its policy: now the customer's account can be blocked completely at any suspicious actions, which are often quite reasonable. Recently and I had this encounter: required to make payment in E-gold and I probably made a mistake when entering the payment data (exactly what I did not set as all correspondence to English), had long to prove that I have is I am, in the end, I changed the PIN – code has been lost for two days, and even spent two nights with an English dictionary.

Bulk freezing of accounts has led to discontent users Internet and as a consequence – the closure of the set of clients account E-gold.Poyavilsya even a new kind of online business, you've probably seen the ads "Unlock account in E-gold, or rather volumetric book "How to unblock Account E-gold . E-gold system continues to operate, but distrust of people to her, too sohranyaetsya.Zdes much will depend on future actions of the company to raise its populyarnosti.Esli can reduce high interest rates in exchange points when dealing with E-gold, raise the level of internal efficiency, to eliminate difficulties with bank transfers, customers may return in any case, the Internet every day, thousands of new start businesses users who open new accounts. In a dispute about the prospects of the company E-gold, between optimists and pessimists, I would have taken the middle, the company will work but will not be as popular as ever. Money from the account in E-gold, I removed, but did not close the account, and one dollar left … Yuri Chashin.

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