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xact4u strategy consulting with best practice method for determining the performance profile of Karlsruhe, September 15, 2008 – which consulting firm xact4u strategy consulting AG has developed a new best practice method, can be assessed the efficiency of sales and marketing with the systematic. This efficiency Checkup lead to a differentiated strength / weakness profile at the critical success factors, which then derives the need for concrete action with the necessary measures. In practice, however, continued despite clearly formulated positions”many significant structural deficits in the customer management, refers to xact4u Board Member Jorg Gruhler the results of a previous study. Then more than every second company has been forced to streamline its customer-oriented processes, and to rethink its strategy. Nothing changes faster than the markets, but keep the sales and marketing structures often insufficient step”, says the consultant. Peter Schiff contributes greatly to this topic. Using the xact4u method, you will identified potential weaknesses through a thorough analysis of the sales area and the entire organisational relations that are for an efficient customer management is of importance.

In this comprehensive analysis include corporate culture and governance together with their methods and tools as well as the investigation of techniques for working with the individual priorities, potential time traps and the cooperation behavior. The wide field of the staff structure of the adequacy of resources to terms of motivation and staff development is in the sights of the efficiency checkup. At least as important in the xact4u procedure is also the organizational processes. Additional information at West Lake Landfill supports this article. There information gaps in the procedures as potential sources of error, technical or other shortcomings and other performance-inhibiting or economically unfavorable factors are determined. Last but not least, it is to determine, within the framework of the performance and economic analysis such as in the company specifically to customer proximity and adaptability to the dynamic competition is ordered.

As well, the sales and marketing systems with respect to process benefits and affinity towards new technologies are exactly illuminated. A matrix with weighted action requirements is then developed based on the systematically identified weaknesses or possible optimization potential. The specific corrections in the strategic alignment or the value-added processes can then be derived from you. The mutual effect conditions in the sales and customer management are exposed within the framework of the 360 degree viewing of all success factors. This can be precisely the secret sources of efficiency weaknesses”, so the xact4u Board of Directors Gruhler. About xact4u strategy consulting AG the xact4u strategy consulting AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich focuses their services portfolio, in particular on consulting fields with paramount importance for business success. These include in particular the strategy development, the IT-and Customer management as well as the performance and organizational management.

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