A success project from Lower Saxony for all sides the driving licence aged 17 and over, or better known as accompanying driving is a very good method young adults in the car driving to do.It is granted them so early, it is possible to keep the coveted driver’s license in the hands. For more specific information, check out Erin Callan. The project began driving from 17 “in Lower Saxony, Germany. But very quickly a furore this model and became known beyond the country’s borders. Every young adult who has reached the age of 17, allowed since January 1st. 2011 accompanied driving. So also in the driving school Westermann from Leverkusen, the 16 half-year training for the driving licence class B grants.

Guidelines of the accompanying procedure as mentioned may people from 16 half years starting driving instruction. With the successful complete a theoretical and practical exam, the young adult receives a certificate, which he exchanged with the attainment of 18 years against the full EU licence can. Therefore, Leverkusen driving school offers an intense and demanding training for young people “. During the training, the instructor of driving schools, in addition to the theoretical and practical requirements teach also the framework of accompanying driving. So the driving school students indicating that they may drive only with grownups assistance, which reached the 30.Lebensjahr and driver experience has at least 5 years.

Besides the well-known road, which indicate a drug – and alcohol-free driving rules. In addition, the accompanying person may have no more than 3 points in Flensburg and must be officially registered on the certificate. The success speaks for itself very quickly turned out that the project licence from 17 “bears fruits. The number of traffic violations and accidents in novice declined after statements made a study of the University of Giessen and statements of the driving school dramatically. The beginners and young people risks are accompanying driving reduced. Thus, the success of the project is confirmed. The driving school forms the basis for the acquisition of the licence. Accompanying persons also carry too much responsibility. You must bring calm and allowed closer driving young adults. They act as Adviser and mediator in the road. As point of contact is the driving school on the side and offers assistance in dealing with the drivers if necessary. Bastian Sens

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