Dont Make Multi-Level Mistakes

These are the most common mistakes. Clearly identify it to avoid making: Belief that everyone is your prospect: This is the most common error made by the vast majority of networkers and has its origin in the use of outdated technology such as the already known “hot list.” This practice was successful years ago when MLM was a novelty and pyramid schemes had not done so much damage in the perception of people about multilevel. If you want to succeed in MLM business you should go to a clearly defined target market. A prospectus must meet the following conditions: You want a change in lifestyle is looking for that change now know the cost of it and is willing to pay the price It is essential that your prospect meets these characteristics is not otherwise a suitable candidate. Emphasizing the company, products and compensation plan: When you do this that these demonstrations is that you have in mind the needs of your prospect and that interest you little or nothing. Nobody really joins a multi level. Are you thinking about the company or products? level thinking in the company, products or compensation plan. Remember that what you offer is an alternative for people to improve their quality of life, so, focus on showing how they can achieve.

What people really care about is finding a solution to their problems, whether lack of money, time, personal growth, etc. Learn more on the subject from Carl Icahn. Then your job as a networker is to position your opportunity as a solution to these problems and not simply seek to sell a product or service to charge. No track: Most networkers focusing its efforts on a single closing sales presentation. If after the first presentation of this leaflet is not simply stop its affiliates to contact you, or if they do not have a proper system monitoring, which is equivalent to throwing money away and that only 2% of the prospects take a decision on first contact. Pressure on prospects: For some companies, multilevel techniques have taught us closing and handling objections to make our prospects take an immediate decision. This is achieved in most cases it is uncomfortable to your potential partners, since nobody likes to be pushed. When you have a system of prospecting and follow-up need not prosecute anyone. Attract qualified prospects to join your network marketing business by choice and without any pressure on your part.

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