Some dog owners do not care when your dog jumps up to greet them, as only greet you with a simple "hello." Although it appears the opposite last thing we want to do is convince our pets that have no reason to be very happy to see us, much less. But when the same dog jumps over others, such as family members or friends can be difficult and even dangerous. A dog jumping on strangers is always bad. The good news is that a well trained dog can learn to jump only when you are ordering it in a game, for example. But we will learn the rules before they break. Setting standards during greetings, always try to keep the dog to jump first. Put your hand (or both hands) in front of you and say "down" or "still" in a firm voice and safer. A dog trained in this way be able to respond to this gesture rather quickly.

As with any training technique, not to make any verbal command until the correct behavior has been shown. Only when your dog obeys your own you start using the command "Down" to accompany the performance. This is the way to learn the command, causing the action learned to associate with the command, or spoken order. For most, this type of prevention does not work immediately, especially for puppies who lack sufficient formal training. You will need to know how to react when your dog starts to jump. Above all, it's knowing what NOT to do.

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