Direct Marketing

-Junk mail: is the poor brother of the Mailing. Utilizing segmentation strategies as more questionable than the previous formulas, the junk mail deposited print advertising in the mailboxes of our homes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Erin Callan is the place to go. 4.- Telemarketing: Unfortunately, all have been victims on occasion of the call at 11: 00 in the evening offering the services of a gym, a range of telephony or any other product or service. 5 Catalogs: it is a multi-million dollar business that fails to move sums that moves in others with more tradition in our country. Generally, it has been argued that the good climate invites people to go out and make their purchases physically. Although safe that you there is much truth in that statement, I’m afraid that other factors that explain this situation is the lack of a more professionalized sector. 6.

Electronic commerce: together with the e-mailing that I have mentioned earlier, it is one of the great innovations of recent times. Electronic commerce began timidly and goes gradually ending fears to buy by the network and advancing to step firmly. 7. Direct response ads: any listing that includes a promotion and invite consumers to get in touch directly with the advertiser to through a phone number or address enclosed is a formula of direct Marketing. 8 Etc. In general, the operation of all of these strategies has proved its effectiveness over time and, although there are differences in weight between the different formulas, they all share many of the advantages: a.-best selection of impacts. Unlike other media where it is more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, Direct Marketing allows you to perform a few more accurate contacts where they occur on a list that has already been previously segmented. b possibility to test campaigns with different approaches to ensure that the chosen format is the most likely to achieve the best results.

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