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The main instruments are the work of direct mail advertising (direct mail), telephone marketing, personal selling, teleshopping, advertising cut-off coupons for ordering goods, etc. 5. Communications to the point of sale (in-store), as well as the communicative component of the label. You may find Euro Pacific Precious Metals to be a useful source of information. 6. Dennis Lockhart understood the implications. Personal selling Therefore, marketing communications – all kinds of activities to establish and optimize the communication, information flow and communication between the manufacturer and its consumers, employees, or creating value chains goals favorable conditions for their implementation. As can be seen from the description, all kinds of marketing communications are the points of intersection with advertising, rigid boundary between them does not exist. However, you should not confuse these concepts, or expand the concept of advertising so that it covers all types of marketing communications. The main difference from the advertising sales promotion – a purely communicative, non-material nature of promotional measures, the main Unlike public relations – direct targeting of advertising to bring to market the advertised object, as well as dissemination of advertising information in specially designated areas on a fee basis, the main Unlike direct marketing – advertising appeal unascertained nature and predominantly unidirectional communication (from the advertiser to potential customers). Now consider as sound information related to each component of the complex marketing communications: Advertising Advertising on radio, television, the Internet, by phone, in public places and other sales promotion (sales promotion) Enabling advertising on radio, television, the internet and places where people share PR announcements and events, greeting cards, branding, corporate films, political, social advertising, sponsorship programs Direct Marketing Telemarketing, mail, e-mail over the Internet or mobile phone promotion on the point of sale presentation of goods shop assistant, ads in supermarkets, shops, showrooms, exhibitions, etc.

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