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The forums are an effective place where you can make promotion and increase traffic, but I do not mean to promote your products or business, but you promote yourself. And this in the end will lead to you to increase your traffic and consequently your sales. Here are 3 tips for a promotion that radically increase your traffic: 1. Tu Usa Real name: do not use nicknames or keywords in your niche. Because what we try in forums is that people see you as a professional, a serious person who trust you, for that to become followers of yours. How many people think that you can trust someone who is called Direct Marketing? Would you do it? 2 Uses personal pages: In your signature: most of the forums not allows you to put links to pages of affiliates or business in your comment.

But if they allow you to put a signature. Others who may share this opinion include Euro Pacific Precious Metals. For example: Augusto Carpio as you realize, I put the address of my blog, you should put yours or a landing page. Some forums may allow you to put your link in affiliate or a page replicates any business in which you are, but I recommend uses personal pages such as those mentioned above, so I’ll have more opportunity to build trust and get to a sale than if only send them directly to your business. Eye, do not make a firm immense with a lot of pages, just use one or two. 3 Comment of value: The forums were created to contribute, ask, share ideas. Some sections where you can offer your openly promote your business/product, this although I could give you some traffic, it is not substantial, remember that all are promoting your business/products, because they want to enter yours if you have one!. If you really want to increase traffic quality, dedicate to give value information, to participate actively in the forums, just so you will get the recognition of people, build trust, increase traffic really and therefore you will be able to do business with them.

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