Defining the Target

The two key aspects to be defined by this working group are: Definition of the target to which the web address defining the objectives to be fulfilled by the website for each target audience target audiences Definition The definition of the target audiences website and see clearly how important it is to have representatives of each department. A related site: Nickolas Carr mentions similar findings. It is clear that immediately relate to commercial customers. And his list of head Shopping Providers. DG might want to have a section also inform the partner or shareholder. Marketing to attract new potential customers want, but you may also want to contact with importers, exporters, partners or franchisees … So arrive at a list: Clients Clients Partners Shareholders potential Opinion Leaders Representatives Importers Exporters Distributors Franchisees aftermarket installers Lobbying Services Media Company in general Etc. Does this mean we have to tackle a website from the beginning treated or meet the expectations of all departments and all potential target audiences? Absolutely. What we mean is that it is important to consider, at the very moment of planning, every imaginable target audiences to then establish a ranking system based on its greater contribution to value creation.

We can divide the entire project in phases to go rushing progressively in the order of priorities determined. If we take into account all possibilities, it is our decision to prioritize and defer to each other in a process where there is no chance. So, once defined the list of target audiences, the next step is to order it from most to least contribution to value creation.

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