Decisions decisions are something everyday in our lives that many don’t appreciate or take into consideration as we should, do not give the required importance on many occasions, since we do not realize that these form habits and these in turn form us and define ourselves (our character). Decisions in life only summarizes a: I do or I don’t, of course that is not as simple as it seems to be able to make a decision our brain has to process feelings, values, experiences and prejudices; that even though they are not analyzed with caution and precision in the majority of cases these influence for the election which has been taken. Now let’s talk about choice. It is the result of a series of brain processes that indicate the subject what has been decided and in many cases is what will do. But still more religious and giving it the importance that deserve that so important is the election, where lies its value?. Well as decisions define us as people as God’s children since these form us as persons and we assigned a role in social environment in which we operate. God tells us that we have free will or that the gives us the responsibility to choose, in simple words and tell us your choose is what you want, you want, what you think it is right. Do you want? From my humble point of view the what do want? Means that you crave, and this comes from a series of prejudices and analysis of circumstances and experiences that lived as a person (eye) because this can be very misleading since presents two faces you want to and you need really, normally our sinful tendency makes us think in ambition in more and more and more, in a set desperate for wanting it to have all this in turn is caused by a series of damages of Interior deficiencies (feelings, expressions of affection, etc.) that tell you the subject that having more and hogging more I will satisfy that big empty that it suffers.

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