Dame Juliana Dominguez

The city of Puebla of Los Angeles, in Mexico, like all civilizations, witnessed important events. This is how they weave some of the best known legends dating from its foundation in the Spanish colonial times. Some speak of ghosts, other aberrant characters devouring people, other characters that became important because of its performance through the history of the city. Strange stories that through the years made themselves known by word of mouth and from generation to generation. One such legend tells that in the ancient streets of Analco, a neighborhood located in the downtown, around the time of the colony was seen wandering in the shadow of a man late at night in a dark alley, called Yllescas. What happened there one night will give us an idea of why a lost soul wandered without descansoa It happens that beyond 1875, Dame Juliana Dominguez, wife of Don Anastacio Priego, owners a Meson of Priegoa , began with the labor and had to go by Dona Simonit, the midwife to assist the arrival of the new family member.

It was a rainy night, but Don Anastasio without thinking, picked up his coat and hat, giving orders to the servants of preparing the package for delivery, left alone, despite the offer of his assistants with him, knowing that the morning was ripe for robberies, and so headed Analco neighborhood. He walked through the dark streets lit up with an oil lamp, when suddenly, in an alley in front of him appeared a man who immediately drew his sword and leaned on her abdomen and threatening demanded gold, or would change his life. Don Anastasio, skilled swordsman responded immediately, jumping and drawing at the same time, so that when the robber noticed, had already sunk his sword into his chest and fell dead immediately. In haste, Don Anastasio ran to where he lived Dona Simonit and within minutes came to the house to meet Dona Juliana, taking another route to avoid passing by where he had the altercado.a a Shortly thereafter, received two beautiful twins. At the end of work, Don Anastasio brought her back to his house to the midwife and, passing by the place where they tried to rob him, they saw a crowd of onlookers surrounding the body and prayed for the soul of that unhappy. From that day, people started calling the old Yllescas Alley located on 12th Street South, between the streets of the 3 and 5 East Alley a The Muertoa raised by the event here, plus all who spent the night there, he saw the assailant dead grieving, why, a local resident sent to Mass for the repose of her soul. I invite you to know the end of this and some other legends of Puebla at the following site:

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