Part is one that is due to separate of the rest because the knowledge put into action is the really powerful thing. Peter Asaro will not settle for partial explanations. The ACTION, is the factor number three. The majority of people thinks that the knowledge is to be able, but that no longer is certain because, then, you become a scholar of something not more but, finally you die intelligent, but you did not extend. Knowledge put into action is what is powerful and when the knowledge puts into action acquires ABILITY, is the factor number four of the cycle. It is the ability to focus in which really it is wanted, but the majority of people goes all the life focused in which it does not want. The ability to take action, of enfocarte in your dreams, your goals, in the solution to contact, to motivate to others, to associate in frontalidad and depth, to teach the business plan, to be in control of same you. If you continue taking focused action to obtain your dreams, will achieve the SUCCESS or fifth factor of the cycle. But the subject does not stop there, the success that you obtain there generates more belief and the cycle is repeated permanently in a true SPIRAL OF GROWTH as long as you do not allow that pride enters and is geared in your mind.

The success is not a determination, is a day, is a constant trip because if you arrive at the top only you it will have left a place to where you will be able to go, is downwards. For that reason never you arrive, hazte commitment of by life being always arranged a to learn, to grow and to change. We always must be in a constant search formulates, it is humility, he is simple. The funny thing of the life is not to arrive, is the process to arrive.

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