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She has an objective clearly to give security to the data bases, that have difficulties in Justice and does not want enfrent-las’ ‘ , the project affirmed Dino.Por, the data bases will have right to offer the risk analyses on the consumer to its customers, that is, the companies who make the consultations in the data bases. The managers of data bases, however, can allege enterprise secret to deny information to the consumer, who if to feel injured in the risk analysis its respect and that resulted in credit refusal, for example. The project also allows that the data base is used for other ends, not only to guarantee security for the concession of credit. The text affirms that the managers of the data bases and the companies who use I register in cadastre it will be able to use the information of the consumers for marketing research, to identify potential customers and for companies of direct marketing. I register in cadastre to open it, will be necessary the express authorization of the consumer, only in the case of natural person. They are of it are of this previous authorization the legal people. In the case of opening without this authorization of the consumer, is foreseen the one penalty the three years of arrest, if to be proven that it had intention to provoke damage.

The changes made for the reporter had neither satisfied the responsible companies for these cadastros and the financial system. The banks insist on removing of the text the part that treats as crime the opening of I register in cadastre positive without authorization of the registered in cadastre one. The pressure of the notary’s offices also did not function. The new text of the reporter allows the sharing of information between the data bases, since that authorized for the registered in cadastre one, without necessity of new payment to the notary’s office, in the cases where this has been the source of the information (notary’s offices of protests). The financial system and the current managers of cadastros, in turn, had also been unsatisfied with the guarantee of free and gratuitous access of the registered in cadastre one to the information of its proper one I register in cadastre positive, to any time. They gratis wanted only one access per year, to be able to charge add. For the substitute of Rands, only the banks, commerce or another natural person that proper registered in cadastre it cannot be charged to have the information.

The controversy is great the points of view is diverse. However, as we know the information is insumo basic of the credit market. Therefore, the more given the financial institutions, or companies had in general made use concerning the consumer biggest would be its appetite for risk and for consequence lesser they would be the charged taxes.

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