Customer Consultation

– Consulting customer when possible defects and flaws in the work of artists and designers to develop recommendations for their elimination and prevention in the future. – Advise on alterations in the event of violations During construction, the definition of essential services that have arisen due to negligence of the contractors engaged by the customer and the performers. (Similarly see: Dennis P. Lockhart). – Providing services in evaluating claims from contractors and performers. – Providing services in an arbitration. – Analyze the financial feasibility of individual decisions of the customer. – Provide analysis and confirmation of the amounts to be transferred to the contractor or performer. – Selection of materials and products to align with the customer. – Provide analysis of costs and operating expenses.

– Consulting with the approval of individual elements are not load-bearing structures and sites. – Accommodation subcontracting soispolnenie. – Implementation of some functions of the customer (the customer's representative). – Advice for culling operations that do not meet subcontract documents. – Recommendations for minor changes that do not involve changes in the amount or terms of contract. – Preparation of draft orders and directives to change the project. – Preparation of relevant documents and supporting documents to change the structures and elements. – Conduct inspections to determine the date of completion of the work and recommendations on changes to the project schedule.

– Making decisions on aesthetic requirements within the limits specified by the contract. – Help in decision making and preparation of materials for customer disputes, and contractors, the interpretation of written decisions on all claims, disputes and other issues that arise between customers and contractors. – Consultation with Approval of installation and shop drawings, product data, samples. – Preparation of final confirmation of works to pay in accordance with the requirements of sub-contracting documents. – Identification of technical opportunities and economic feasibility of the planned work at this location in the planned time frame. – Provision of additional examinations or tests. – Carrying out continuous inspections of construction and measurements to verify the quality or quantity of work. – Monitoring tools, construction methods, sequence of operations or procedures, safety construction. – Analysis of construction funds methods, technology, workflow and procedures. – Advising the customer and develop recommendations on firmness of prices. – Adoption of financial instruments, including those for work performed contractor working on direct contract agreement. – Assistance in approving estimates of the materials on any stage. – To serve as an arbitrator in contract bidding. – Advice for approval or modification, affect the cost and time of construction, in design, schedule. – Determine the purpose for which the contractor used the money previously paid to him from the amount of subcontracting, and others.

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